Help Sallie find a home; she has been through too much already

Editor’s Note: I never meant to take a six-month hiatus from this blog, but it has happened. I cannot make up that time, but I can start again now. So I am — starting again. No reasons. No excuses.

I have been working in animal rescue for several years now. I’ve enjoyed many successes and thankfully, only a few disappointments. But in all my years of working to save homeless animals, I think the numbers are increasing. Perhaps it’s because social media is so prevalent, and we get more requests. Honestly, I don’t know the reasons. I just know that the need is ever-present, and that makes me sad.

My husband and I are doing all that we can and probably more than we should. We have eight dogs and one cat of our own. Only one of those dogs — the eldest and the first — came from a breeder, a reputable breeder. Since then, we have learned that until things change, we will always adopt.

Sallie is a German Shepherd in search of a home. Can you help?

Sallie is a German Shepherd in search of a home. Can you help?

We also are fostering two recently weaned puppies. We are genuinely happy to have these furry balls of energy in our home, and we will work with their rescue — the Muscle Breed Alliance — to ensure that their permanent home is filled with love. (I’ll tell you more about Betsey and Franklin in a couple of days.)

Right now, there’s a beautiful German Shepherd named Sallie in the Birmingham area that can’t seem to catch a break through no fault of her own. It’s time for this creature of God to get a real chance at the happiness only a permanent home can afford.

Sallie has been spayed and is up to date on all of her shots. Her current owner loves her, I’m told, but the problem is she thinks Sallie is too large to be in the house with her 2-year-old child. Also, the established dog in the house has not taken to Sallie.

The woman who took Sallie in did so after the golden-colored German Shepherd was dumped in her neighborhood. My Facebook friend, Ann, is a friend and neighbor of Sallie’s current owner. According to Ann, her friend spent about $1,800 to get Sallie vetted and spayed.

Ann said her friend has sought the help of several rescues, but none have responded. I suspect that if she has not had luck with a rescue it is because the rescues are full. Rescues can only take as many animals as their fosters can handle.

Ann asked for my help because she is worried about the dog’s future. She cannot take Sallie because she is dealing with some serious family health issues.

“This will be the dog’s fourth home that we know of, and since she has anxiety issues, she will just keep getting dumped until she dies,” my Facebook friend, Ann, said. “Despite her anxiety, she is a beautiful dog.  She loves to sit with me while I drink coffee and rub her. She closes her eyes like she feels at peace and not scared.

“Pets remember things,” Ann said. “A couple of nights ago, she tried to crawl into my lap like a puppy.”

Ann’s friend owns Sallie. “She has her has spent so much money on the dog and she is good to her, but she’s clueless on finding her a home,” Ann said. “She gave her to a man in Bessemer, and he said she would be inside, but when my friend went to check on her last week, she was tied up in the yard in the hot sun and no water, so she brought her back.

In just a few short months, Sallie first was dumped, then was chained outside. Now, neighbors and friends are trying to find her a permanent home.

In just a few short months, Sallie first was dumped, then was chained outside. Now, neighbors and friends are trying to find her a permanent home.

“Sallie wants love, and I am praying we find her a good home.”

If you can help Sallie, or if you know of a rescue that can help her, please call Ann at 205-555-3902.


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I worked at The Birmingham News for 27 years; during my tenure, I was a feature writer, copy editor, and reporter covering beats from business to community news. Now, my husband, Joey, and I run Animal Advocates of Alabama (, a news and information website that covers animal-related issues throughout the state. We live on Birmingham's Southside with a grumble of pugs, a Calico cat, and a a few other dogs of varying sizes.
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